In order to monitor your siRNA experiment conditions, Eurogentec provides siRNA control duplexes and kits. 

Price per single individual siRNA control duplex

Quality Control

    MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry

Delivery times

    5 Working days



Shipping conditions

    Room temperature

Storage conditions

   -20 °C to -70 °C
Store siRNA oligos as a dry pellet at -20°C (or preferably -70°C) in a non-frost free freezer until ready to use. Once resuspended in RNase-free buffer, store at -70°C and avoid contact with RNases. siRNA oligos should be resuspended to a convenient stock concentration (20 to 50 µM) and stored in small aliquots to avoid multiple freeze thaw cycles. When stored under these conditions and using good RNase-free technique, they typically remain stable for 6 months or more. The solution can be freeze-thawed up to 5 times. For long-term storage, siRNA oligos should be dried.

As for any valid experiment, negative and positive controls are necessary

Two kinds of negative controls may be used. First, a parallel experiment with a scrambled sequence of the siRNA of interest can be made. It is also possible to perform this control with a siRNA containing one to three mismatches in the sequence of interest. This control allows to check the specificity of the siRNA of interest. Second, it is possible to use a perfectly unique sequence which should not match to any sequence in the genome of interest, this to show the correlation between the siRNA of interest and the silencing effect. It is advised to use this negative control in every experiment.

Positive controls are also necessary to prove the validity of the principle and to ensure that the quality of the experiment was suitable to perform an RNAi assay. Moreover it allows to normalize the result obtained. In order to perform this control, some validated and published sequences are mainly used. 

Eurogentec is proposing ready-to-use control sequences

Negative control is constituted of siRNA presenting no homology with any known eukaryotic gene. siRNA control is already annealed and shipped dried. The proposed sequence is properly validated. 

Positive controls consist of siRNA directed against a range of endogenous and reporter genes are available in 5, 10 and 20 nmol final quantities. Each control contains 1 siRNA duplex. All siRNA control duplexes are PAGE purified and 100 % MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry controlled. The sequences proposed are validated and published (see the references below).

Legal notices

 For Research Use only

Control siRNA duplexes

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