Real-Time qPCR Oligonucleotides

qPCR Probes

qPCR Probes

Increase the specificity of your qPCR assays by using probes instead of SYBR®. In addition, high sensitivity is guaranteed by our top quality fluorescent dyes and Quenchers covering all qPCR channels. For high demanding application Eurogentec provides high quality MGB probes*.

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How to select your qPCR probe?


Select the probe type
Double dyes are widely use because they are most efficient. To increase sensitivity and specificity, MGB probes are recommended.


The thermocycler you use determine the choice of the dye 
To help you in dye selection, please refer to the compatibility cycler channels versus fluorescent dyes table. 

Compatibility cycler channels

Chose the quencher adapted to your dye
To select the best dye/quencher couple, you can consult the dyes & quencher compatibility table. 

Dyes & quencher compatibility table

Access™ Dyes

Access™ Dyes from Eurogentec are a class of high performance proprietary molecules with IP-friendly terms and conditions.


Double dyes probes

Classical double dyes 
LNA® Double dyes probes 

Stem-loop probes

Molecular beacons

For multiplexing


FRET probes

LC hybridisation probes

For diagnostic purposes


Other qPCR products

qPCR Kits and Reagents


*Restriction of use in the following countries: US, CA, AU, CH, FR, UK, DE, IT, JP, SE, ES, CN. In these countries MGB probes must be used for patient management. End users are covered under Eurogentec’s conveyed license for patient management. For additional information, please enquire at
**Double-Dye or Molecular Beacon Probe. Each primer must be 15-30 DNA bases, unmodified and RP-Cartridge purifi ed. The synthesis scale of the primers must be similar to the probe one (10, 40, 200 or 1000 nmol). Offer Valid only for orders placed on the Eurogentec e-commerce platform EOS. General conditions of sale will be applied.

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