The most widely used siRNA are 21-mer. Most of the time, they are composed of 19 double stranded RNA bases and 2 single stranded DNA bases (usually two Thymidine) in 3’.

siRNA principle
Principle of siRNA-mediated RNA interference. The annealed siRNA enter the cell (1). Once inside, double stranded RNA is recognised by the RISC complex. Sense strand siRNA is displaced and the mRNA anneal to the antisense siRNA fixed to the RISC complex (2). mRNA is digested (3) and the RISC complex containing the siRNA is then recycled to begin a new cycle (4).

Eurogentec has co-developed an exclusive siRNA design platform. PhD-level scientists of our design team use this reliable interface to design custom siRNA for any target of your choice. Eurogentec guarantees up to 80% minimum silencing of your gene of interest with at least one of the 3 duplexes designed and synthesised.

Certain modifications can sometimes be useful to increase stability or cellular uptake e.g. Modifying siRNA with cholesterol is used to facilitate tissue / cellular uptake.

Various fluorescent dyes can be coupled to the 5’-end of the sense strand oligonucleotide to track transfection efficiency of the corresponding duplex. Please note that the antisense strand must either have a free 5’-OH (by default) or 5’-phosphate terminus.

Control siRNA Duplexes

In order to monitor your siRNA experiment conditions, Eurogentec provides siRNA control duplexes and kits including negative and positive controls necessary to validate your experiment.

  • Negative controls are siRNA molecules presenting no homology with any known eukaryotic gene. siRNA controls are already annealed and shipped in solution. The sequence is properly validated.
  • Positive controls consist of siRNA directed against a range of endogenous and reporter genes. They are available in 5 nmol final quantities. Each control contains 1 siRNA duplex.

All siRNA control duplexes are PAGE purified and 100 % MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry controlled. The sequences are validated and published.


  SePOP Desalted IEX/RP-HPLC In Vivo*
Desalting by precipitation V V V
IEX/RP HPLC   V V (IEX only)
Duplexed V V V
Desalting by size exclusion chromatography     V
Sterile filtration     V
Lyophilisation     V

Comparison between the SePOP and HPLC purifications and the in vivo process method for a siRNA duplex.
*Production process endotoxin tested

Custom siRNA duplexes

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