R2050-2-160,   Direct-zol™ RNA PreWash (Concentrate) (160 ml)

R2050-2-160, Direct-zol™ RNA PreWash (Concentrate) (160 ml)

R2050, Direct-zol™ RNA MiniPrep (50 Preps) w/ Zymo-Spin™ IIC Columns (Capped)[Includes E1009 x 1: DNase I Set (250 U) w/ 10X Reaction Buffer (1 ml) - packaged separately]

1.249,50 RON
Quick, spin column purification of high-quality (DNA-free) total RNA directly from TRIzol®, TRI Reagent® and other acid-guanidinium-phenol based reagents (RNAzol®, QIAzol®, TriPure™, TriSure™, etc.).
Bypasses phase separation and precipitation procedures, for non-biased recovery of miRNA.


 MiniPrep PlusMiniPrepMicroPrep
RNA Recovery 100 µg 50 µg 10 µg
Minimum Elution 50 µl 25 µl 6 µl
(Animal) Cells   ≤ 107 ≤ 5 x 106 ≤ 106
Tissue ≤ 50 mg ≤ 25 mg ≤ 5 mg


The Direct-zol RNA Kits provide a streamlined method for the purification of up to 100 µg (per prep) of high-quality RNA directly from samples in TRI Reagent or similar.  Total RNA, including small RNAs (17-200 nt), is effectively isolated from a variety of sample sources (cells, tissues, serum, plasma, blood, biological liquids, etc.).

Isolation of RNA by conventional phase separation was shown to selectively enrich for some species of miRNA, leading to bias in downstream analysis. The Direct-zol method assures unbiased recovery of small RNAs including miRNA (see below).

The procedure is easy. Simply apply a prepared sample in TRI Reagent directly to the Zymo-Spin Column and then bind, wash, and elute the RNA.  No phase separation, precipitation, or post-purification steps are necessary.  The eluted RNA is high quality and suitable for subsequent molecular manipulation and analysis (including RT-PCR, transcription profiling, hybridization, sequencing etc.).

The entire procedure typically takes only 7 minutes.

Equipment Microcentrifuge
Sample Sources Any sample stored and preserved in TRI Reagent®, TRIzol® or similar. (animal cells, tissue, bacteria, yeast, biological fluids, and in vitro processed RNA (e.g., transcription products, DNase-treated or labeled RNA)).
RNA Purity A260/A280 >1.8, A260/A230 >1.8. Complete removal of DNA can be accomplished using an in-column DNase I digestion
Compatibility TRIzol®, RNAzol®, QIAzol®, TriPure™, TriSure™ and all other acid-guanidinium-phenol based solutions can be used in place of TRI Reagent®.
RNA Storage RNA eluted with DNase/RNase-Free Water (provided) can be stored at ≤-70 ºC. The addition of RNase inhibitors is highly recommended for prolonged storage.
RNA Size Limits RNAs ≥17 nucleotides.
Sample Inactivation TRI Reagent® (provided with R2051, R2053, R2061, R2063, R2071, R2073 only) inhibits RNase activity and inactivates viruses and other infectious agents.

High quality broad range RNA is purified with the Direct-zol™ RNA MiniPrep. (A) DNA-free RNA purified from human epithelial cells using the Direct-zol™ RNA MiniPrep compared to a DNA containing preparation from  Supplier Q (1% agarose/TAE). (B) Small RNAs are effectively recovered  with the Direct-zol™ procedure while absent in Supplier Q preparations

(Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100, Small RNA Chip data shown)

   The data show RNA purified from TRIzol® samples using         the Direct-zol™ RNA MiniPrep compared to an unbiased         method (mirVana™, Ambion). Micro-RNA analysis was           performed using miRNA-Seq (MiSeq®, Illumina) and a             direct hybridization assay (nCounter®, Nanostring).