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  • Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
  • Biology
    Enveloped RNA virus with non-segmented genome
    Biosafety-Security-Level 2
    Wuhan coronavirus sequence:
  • Inactivation with DNA/RNA Shield
    Yes, 2019-nCoV will be inactivated, sample safe for shipment
    DNA/RNA Shield reagent fulfils EN 14476:2017 regulations that are more stringent
    than the existing recommendations for Coronavirus 2019-nCoV.
    (Test-Report available on request)
    RNA genome will be protected for a minimum of 30 days at ambient temperature
  • Learn more about Zymo Research's Transportation & Stabilization Solutions

Popular Products

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  • Learn more about Zymo Research's most popular products:
    • DNA Clean-up & Gel Recovery
    • Genomic DNA Isolation
    • Plasmid DNA Purification
    • DNA/RNA Stabilization, Storage and Transportation
    • Microbial Analysis
    • RNA Purification
    • RNA Clean-up
    • DNA/RNA Co-purification
    • Epigenetics
    • Compentent Cells

Automation Solutions

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  • Personalized Automation Support
  • Consistency & Cross Contamination
  • DNA from any Sample
  • DNA/RNA from any Sample
  • Viral & Pathogen DNA/RNA Extraction
  • RNA from any Sample in TRIzol®
  • Microbiome-Grade DNA/RNA Isolation
  • Easy DNA Bisulfite Conversion
  • Pellet-Free Plasmid DNA Purification
  • DNA/RNA Clean-Up and Size Selection
  • Complete List of Automation Solutions

Sample Collection & Transportation

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  • Learn more about Zymo Research's Transportation & Stabilization Solution:
    • Avoid Cold-Chain: Ship Samples at Room Temperature
    • Protect Your Samples from Freezer-Failure
    • Collection Devices for any Sample

RNA Purification

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  • RNA Solutions for any Application
  • Microbiomics Solutions
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  • A Solution for Every Step of the Microbiomics Workflow

Plasmid Purification

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  • See How Zymo Research has Reinvented Plasmid Purification


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  • A Solution for Every Step of the Epigenetics Workflow


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  • Learn more about Zymo Research's services for:
    • Genome-wide DNA Methylation analysis
    • Genome-wide DNA Hydroxymethylation analysis
    • Targeted DNA Methylation analysis & ChIP-Seq
    • Epigenetic Aging Analysis


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  • Learn More About your Biological Age


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  • DNA Solutions for any Application

Yeast Research Made Simple

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  • Yeast. Our Foundation for Innovation. Leading the field of yeast research for over 20 years.

Microbiomics Services

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  • A Complete Solution for Unbiased Microbiome Profiling.
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  • Popular products for E. coli research
    • Transformation
    • Cloning
    • Cell Lysis

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Quantify Aging Precisely
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  • Precisely quantify biological age by calibrating multiple DNAge clocks in mice blood, muscle, liver, brain, etc.
  • Pre-designed panel covers 2000 targeted CpG sites with highly reproducible results.
  • Low sample input and high-throughput: sequence up to 300 samples per run.