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CytoSmart Lux 2 CytoSMART OMNI  
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Life science is moving fast.
Almost at the speed of light.
APPLICATION Note 1: Real-time monitoring of cell growth using live-cell imaging  
However, the tools that are used in the labs are highly outdated.
High end cell culture research needs high end tools. 
APPLICATION Note 2: The use of real-time live-cell imaging for cell culture optimization  
CytoSMART is changing the way we do research.
APPLICATION Note 3: Comparison of a metabolic activity assay to microscopic imaging for viability analysis  
We provide tools that work the way scientists want to work.
APPLICATION Note 4: Long-term, noninvasive, viability monitoring of paclitaxel treated cells  
Welcome to the future of life science microscopy. APPLICATION Note 5: Automated imaging and analysis of collective cell migration  




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