Precast Gels for Isoelectric Focusing (IEF)

Precast Gels for Isoelectric Focusing (IEF)

Precast gels for the analysis of antibodies and proteins up to 2,000 kDa

  • Easy handling, versatile, fast
  • Isoelecric focusing, antibody separation and analysis
  • Each lot is functionally tested (CofA upon request)

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Precast IsoGel™ Agarose IEF Plates


Product Overview:

IsoGel™ Precast Agarose IEF plates provide rapid and reproducible isoelectric focusing of proteins up to 2,000 kDa. These plates are specifically designed for the analysis of antibodies.

Each precast gel is supported on GelBond® Film to provide easy handling and excellent dimensional stability throughout its post IEF processing. A convenient gel size of 125 x 100 mm fits most IEF chambers. After focusing, the proteins can be quickly transferred from the agarose gel to a membrane, stained in situ, or detected by antibodies within 1 hour.

Gels are supplied in packages of six with instructions. Accessories, including applicator masks, blotting paper, and electrode wicks sufficient for six plates, are supplied in convenient 6 gel or bulk accessory packs.


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