PathScan® Antibody Array Kits

PathScan® Antibody Array Kits



PathScan® Antibody Array Kits from Cell Signaling Technology (CST) are slide-based assays using the sandwich ELISA principle, and are designed to investigate signal transduction occurring through key pathway nodes in a multiplex format. Two slides are provided in each kit; each slide contains arrays spotted with multiple antibodies. Captured proteins are subsequently detected using a detection antibody cocktail. Positive and negative controls are also included on each array.

Kits are available for both chemiluminescent and fluorescent detection; chemiluminescent array detection is adaptable to film, making any additional equipment unnecessary. Fluorescent readouts can be performed using a fluorescent imager.

  • Arrays are produced and optimized in-house with high-quality and thoroughly validated antibodies, providing you with the greatest possible specificity and sensitivity.
  • Arrays allow the analysis of multiple proteins with small lysate volume, saving valuable time and reagents.
  • Chemiluminescent detection allows convenient and easy detection without specialized equipment.
  • Technical Support is provided by CST’s in-house Molecular Assay Group who develops and produces the products and knows them best.

Search our extensive line of PathScan® Antibody Array Kits for the pathways and nodes most relevant to your research.

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