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La achzitia a doua kituri Zymo Pure, primiti GRATUIT un  EZ-Vac™ Vacuum Manifold de la Zymo Research.




 Rapidly process up to 20 samples without the need for repeated centrifugation steps.
 Compatible with many of Zymo Research’s spin-column based nucleic acid purification kits.
 Unique design accommodates large processing volumes easily.
ProductSizeCatalog #
EZ-Vac™ Vacuum Manifold 1 Unit S7000
One-Way Luer-Lock Stop Cock 20 Pack S7001
Neoprene Stopper 1 Pack S7002


About EZ-Vac™ Vacuum Manifold


The EZ-Vac™ Vacuum Manifold features durable chemical-resistant construction and is capable of processing up to 20 samples simultaneously using vacuum pressure. The vacuum manifold allows researchers to simplify their nucleic acid purification workflows further by eliminating the need for multiple centrifugation steps and disposal of flow-through from collection tubes. The One-Way Luer-lock Stopcocks are compatible with most Zymo Research spin-columns and individually controlled, allowing users to process as little as one sample at a time. Furthermore, the extra-large waste reservoir makes the EZ-Vac™ Vacuum Manifold ideal and convenient for protocols that require large volumes to be processed.


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