OncoSELECT is a fast, minimally invasive analysis of circulating tumor DNA from a blood sample for lung (NSCLC), colon and breast (ER+ or HER2+) cancer patients.
It is the perfect tool to identify therapeutic solutions for cancer patients not able to get their tumor biopsied, to monitor the progression of their cancer and to detect treatment resistance as soon as it appears.



Following a recent change in FDA guidelines, a liquid biopsy is now approved as the first diagnostic tool for non-small cell lung cancer patients. OncoSELECT is the perfect test to do a first screening of the most relevant genes related to treatments.

OncoSELECT targets more than 100resistance mutations and sensitivity to targeted therapies (SNVs,indels, translocation and CNVs) as well as specific genes selected for each cancer type.

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To select a therapy : Mainly for patients whose tissue sample is not available or is limited, when it is challenging or not possible to perform a biopsy of the primary tumor or of any metastases, or if the biopsy sample is too old.

As a monitoring tool : It is the right way to monitor tumor response to the treatment, detect potential resistance, adapt the treatment and, by doing so, extend the patient’s life. It is fast, minimally invasive for the patient and more sensitive than routine imaging.



Just send us a blood sample (2 Streck tubes each containing 10 ml).

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