Solutie unica, care combina analizele biopsiilor solide si a biopsiilor lichide, pentru a permite descifrarea heterogenitatii tumorale in vederea ghidarii medicilor oncologi in alegerea celui mai adecvat tratament personalizat.


Solutia OncoSTRAT&GO este singura din lume care combina intr-o singura analiza realizarea profilelor moleculare pornind de la o biopsie solida si una lichida. 

Biopsia solida este o mica parte dintr-o tumora primara sau dintr-o metastaza.

Biopsia lichida este un simplu esantion de sange.


In urma analizei biopsiei solide, medicul oncolog se poate orienta si alege optiuni de tratament bazate pe profilul molecular complet al tumorii. Sunt analizate atat materialul genetic al tumorii, ADN-ul, cat si biomarcherii cruciali, nivelul de expresie al proteinelor.

De ce?

Pur si simplu, nu toata informatia este scrisa si prezenta in ADN.

Analiza esantioanelor de sange monitorizeaza progresia evolutiei tumorii pacientului si reveleaza eficacitatea tratamentului.


Through an integrated approach combining DNA and protein profiling of the tumor with heterogeneity detection in the ctDNA, OncoSTRAT&GO can establish a complete genetic profile of the tumor which can be used to identify response to targeted therapies and also to classic chemotherapies and novel immunotherapies.

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OncoSTRAT&GO combines the analysis of a solid biopsy sample (from the primary tumor or a metastasis) and the analysis of a liquid biopsy (from a blood sample).

Analysis of the solid tumor includes the sequencing of more than 200 geneslinked to approved targeted therapies This gene panel is based on the one used for the NCI-MATCH trial and was first selected for its scientific relevance: important pathways, signaling cascades, tumor metabolism, apoptosis, growth factors and DNA repair. After the first validation process, we improved the panel to cover some missing regions, added extra genes and compensated for some issues with the robustness of some amplicons due to the quality of the DNA. Additionally, we analyze the tumor RNA to detect the presence of fusion transcripts, markers also often linked to treatment resistance or susceptibility to targeted therapies.

Besides the sequencing analysis which has been shown to reveal the identity of the tumor only partially, we perform additional analyses giving critical, non-redundant information using technologies like IHC and phospho-IHC, studying microsatellite instability, unusual and damaging splicing mRNA and methylation of genes. Through this unique, integrated approach OncoSTRAT&GO can establish a complete genetic profile of the tumor which can be used to identify response to targeted therapies and also to classic chemotherapies and novel immunotherapies.

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In the case of metastatic cancer patients it is essential to decipher the heterogeneity of their tumor and its related metastases. To meet this need, OncoSTRAT&GO includes the sequencing of 40 genes on the circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) isolated from a blood sample. The blood sample can be collected at the same time as the solid biopsy sample or later when the test is ordered for the patient.

This innovative coupled analysis overcomes rebiospy issues and  opens doors to the personalized monitoring of the disease.

OncoSTRAT&GO is designed to be used in adults with metastatic or unresectable solid cancers for which treatment protocols are limited, in patients treated with targeted therapies where hotspots of resistance must be found to access 2nd and 3rd generation treatments  and/or when treatment and careful response monitoring are highly desirable.

It has recently been improved to help predict immunotherapy response better.



Just send us a block or 20 x 5 μm sections on Superfrost Plus™ slides and a blood sample (2 Streck tubes each containing 10 ml).

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