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  Catalog Zymo Research 2017


• Epigenetic Tools
• DNA Purification
• RNA Purification
• E. coli
• Yeast Research
• Protein Expression & Enzymes
• Antibiotics & Chemicals
• Columns, Plates, Instruments & Accessories

        LISTA PRET 2017

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In this issue:

• Standardizing Microbiomics
• ZymoBIOMICS™ Microbial Community Standards
• DNA/RNA Shield™
• DNA/RNA Shield™ Collection Devices
• ZymoBIOMICS™ RNA Mini Kit
• ZymoBIOMICS™ PCR Pre-Mix and Femto™ DNA Quantification Kits
• ZymoBIOMICS™ Services

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  RNA Peanuts 2016

In this issue:

• Isolate RNA from TRIzol® in only 7 minutes
• Simplified High-Throughput and Automated RNA Isolation from TRIzol®
• High Quality RNA from Any Sample
• Sample Collection & Room Temperature Stabilization for Nucleic Acid Analysis
• Recover Ultra-Pure RNA from Enzymatic and Labeling Reactions
• Quick Recovery of Viral RNA from Biological Samples

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  Epigenetics Peanuts 2015

In this issue:

• Epigenetics Research Methods
• The Double Helix Epigenetic Switch
• Epigenetic Applications
• A Comprehensive Guide to Bisulfite-Converted DNA Amplification
• DNA Methylation Analysis Methods
• State-of-the-Art Services for DNA Methylation Analysis

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  Plasmid Peanuts 2015

In this issue:

• Reinventing the plasmid prep
• Plasmid's rise to prominence
• Midi & Maxi plasmid preps in just 18 minutes
• Pellet-free plasmid minipreps in only 8 minutes
• The invention of colored buffers for plasmid isolation
• 96-well plasmid isolation made simple

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  Peanuts 2012

In this issue:

• Reviews and Hot Topics
• New Solutions to Challenges in RNA Sample Preparation
• FAQs
• Application & Product Guide

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  DCC 2012

In this issue:

• DCC Overview
• Applications of Zymo's DNA Clean-up Technologies
• DCC Spotlight
• DNA Clean-up FAQs
• DNA Clean-up Guide

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  Xpedition 2011

In this issue:

• Xpedition Sample Processor
• Xpedition Sample Prep Technologies
• On-Site Sample Processing & Preservation
• Purification of Inhibitor-Free DNA
• Environmental DNA and RNA Purification Kits
• ...and more technologies!

  DNA & RNA from Environmental Samples

In this issue:

• Kits for DNA & RNA Purification from Environmental Sources including:
      • Soil Microbe DNA Kits
      • Fungal/Bacterial DNA & RNA Kits
      • Fecal DNA Kits
      • Tissue & Insect DNA & RNA Kits
      • Plant DNA & RNA Kits
      • Soil/Fecal RNA Kits
• Application Guides for Environmental DNA & RNA Purification Products
• BashingBead Lysis Technology Overview

  Peanuts 2009

In this issue:

• Reviews in Epigenetics
• Perfecting Bisulfite Treatment for DNA Methylation Analysis
• Featured Technologies
• Additional Tools for Epigenetics Research
• Tips & FAQs for DNA Methylation Analysis
• Epigenetics Glossary
• Epigenetics Product Index

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Epigenetic Services
  Epigenetics Services

In this brochure:

• Learn more about Zymo Research's Services for:
• Genome-wide DNA Methylation analysis
• Genome-wide DNA Hydroxymethylation analysis
• Targeted DNA Methylation analysis & ChIP-Seq

Epigenetics Sequencing Guide
  Epigenetics Sequencing Guide

In this brochure:

• Learn about the latest methods for genome-wide and targeted
  epigenetic analysis (5-mC and 5-hmC)
• Learn which methods are best for your project

Simple Tips To Boost Your Bisulfite-Based Applications
  Epigenetics Sequencing Guide

In this brochure:

• Find your polymerase
• The basics of bisulfite primer design

Epigenetics Course
  Epigenetics Course

In this brochure:

• Learn how epigenetics may play a key role in your research
• Tools and Solutions to study epigenetics

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