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Zymo Research offers the fastest, most trusted, and most cited products in the industry for bisulfite conversion of methylated DNA.

Bisulfite conversion, also known as bisulfite treatment, is used to deaminate unmethylated cytosine to produce uracil in DNA and is considered the "gold standard" for downstream applications to assess DNA methylation status. Methylated cytosines are protected from the conversion to uracil, allowing the use of direct sequencing to determine the locations of unmethylated cytosines and 5-methylcytosines at single-nucleotide resolution. Zymo Research offers the fastest, most cited, and most trusted products in the industry for bisulfite conversion of methylated DNA.

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Bisulfite Conversion - EZ DNA Methylation Kits



EZ DNA Methylation™ Kits

Streamlined, simplified, and proven procedure for bisulfite

conversion of DNA. Recommended by Illumina’s Golden

Gate and Infinium Assays.

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EZ DNA Methylation-Gold™ Kits

Complete bisulfite conversion of DNA in less than 3 hours for reliable DNA

methylation analysis. DNA denaturation and bisulfite conversion processes

are consolidated into one simple step.

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EZ DNA Methylation-Direct™ Kits

Complete DNA bisulfite conversion directly from blood,

tissue, and cells without prior DNA purification. Compatible with low sample inputs (i.e., 10 cells).


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EZ DNA Methylation-Lightning™ Kits

The fastest method (1 hour) available for complete bisulfite conversion of DNA for methylation analysis. Pre-made conversion reagent facilitates rapid scale up for high-throughput and automated applications.

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EZ DNA Methylation-Startup™ Kit

Designed for researchers new to DNA methylation analysis, this kit has everything needed for bisulfite conversion and amplification, including controls, primers, and ZymoTaq™ DNA polymerase.

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