stepped neutral density plate recertification
  • Manages risk and helps ensure optimal performance of the ELx808™ Absorbance Reader
  • cGMP compliant processes, including testing of multiple parameters
  • NIST-traceable testing is conducted in an ISO 9001 certified facility


Recertification Service for Stepped Neutral Density Test Plates

Lonza’s QC Testing and Analytical Services offers Recertification Services for Stepped Neutral Density (SND) Test Plates.

The SND Test Plate provides the ELx808™ user with the ability to manage risk and help assure the reader is functioning properly between the recommended six-month preventive maintenance visits.

The ELx808™ Microplate Reader is a robust instrument designed to provide years of reliable performance for endotoxin detection and other absorbance-based assays. In following current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), the reader’s performance should be verified and documented at regular intervals.

In order to properly assess the reader performance, the plates used in the testing must be shown to be acceptable. The plate manufacturers recommend the plates be recertified at least once per year.

Please refer to table below for additional details and ordering information. For testing parameters, reports and pricing, please contact your Lonza Account Manager or local sales office.




SND recertification service offered for Lonza plate part numbers 25-342 only.

*Recertification services for BioTek Instruments, Inc. plate part number 7260522 (Absorbance Test Plate) is only available in Europe.