EliGene® COVID19 CONFIRM RT Kit, 100 reactii

EliGene® COVID19 CONFIRM RT Kit, 100 reactii

409100 EliGene® Viral DNA/RNA Isolation Kit, 100 reactii 

409100 EliGene® Viral DNA/RNA Isolation Kit, 100 reactii 

Zephyrus Vacuum Manifold 96, cod catalog ZVM-96, 1 pcs.

Calitate superioara: dispozitivul are un design durabil, si e fabricat din componente acrilice transparente, durabile si usor de curatat

Convenient: dispozitivul poate fi conectat la diverse tipuri de pompe de vid fara ulei (oil-free), ca de exemplu pompa de vid ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum Pump ZVP-300

Extractia rapida a acizilor nucleici (ADN sau ARN) sub vid: Intregul protocol de extractie dureaza maximum 45 minute, iar acizii nucleici extrasi pot fi utilizati in orice aplicatie ulterioara.

Compatibilitate: dispozitivul este compatibil cu toate kiturile continand kituri cu placi de tipul "EliGene® 96 Well Filter Plates" si placi de colectare de tipul "Deep Well Collection Plate", precum si cu placi de 48/96/384-godeuri de la alti producatori.


High quality: Manifold is designed from durable clear acrylic components that are easy to clean

Convenient: manifold works with various oil free vacuum pumps such as ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum Pump ZVP-300

Fast vacuum extraction: The entire protocol takes up to 45 minutes, extracted nucleic acids can be used in any downstream application

Compatible: with EliGene® 96 Well Filter Plates and Deep Well Collection Plate as well as with 48/96/384-well plates from other manufacturers

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Overview ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum Manifold 96 (REF: ZVM-96)


The ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum Manifold 96 is designed for DNA/RNA sample preparation with 96 Well Filter Plates supplied in range of EliGene® 96 Vacuum Isolation Kits. The vacuum manifold assembly comes complete with Upper Plate and Lower Plate with attached sealing rubber O-ring.
Included with the vacuum manifold unit is also acrylic spacer block designed to accommodate the standard 96 Deep Well Collection Plate supplied with isolation kits.
The wash chamber can be used either as a simple dump for waste filtrates or as a receptacle for a standard 96 Deep Well Collection Plate. The Upper Plate has machined recess that fits our 96 Well Filter Plates and contains a soft rubber gasket to ensure the proper vacuum seal. The bottom of Upper Plate has lock groove which corresponds directly to the protruding rubber O-ring in the Lower Plate for easy alignment and assembly stability. The acrylic spacer block has been optimized to reduce the space between the receiving Collection Plate and the Filter Plate during vacuum filtration.


Required Equipment Which Is Not Provided

Oil free ZEPHYRUS® Vacuum Pump ZVP-300 or local vacuum source in your lab capable of at least 100 mbar with flow rate of 23l/min

External collection reservoir (optional) or SPE Vacuum Pump Trap Kit (Sigma/Merck) Catalog Number 57120-U

Silicone Tube 30cm ZVM-300 – 4 

96 Deep Well Collection Plate 


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