A1c-Cellular® LinearityA1C-CELLULAR® LINEARITY

A linearity product with instrument-specific target values and ranges for immediate results.


  • Ready-to-use liquid control
  • For immunoassay and ionic exchange HPLC methodologies
  • Assayed on top 10 HbA1c analyzers
  • Available in plastic cap-pierceable vials for analyzer autosampling


  • Only available HbA1c linearity material containing intact red blood cells
  • Tests the entire HbA1c procedure, including the lysing of red blood cells
  • Available in a 5-level set

STATS® Interlaboratory Quality Control program is available for Streck customers.

A1c-Cellular® Linearity                     Catalog Number          
5 vials  x 2.0 mL 285536

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