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A Revolution in Electroporation - The Nucleofector™ Technology


Electroporation is a transfection technology based on the momentary creation of small pores in cell membranes by applying an electrical pulse.

Lonza’s Nucleofector™ Technology is an improved electroporation technology that can help you achieve transfection  results never before possible in primary cells, stem cells and hard to transfect cell lines with standard electroporation. In contrast to classical electroporation, with Nucleofection high efficiencies can be reached using much lower substrate amounts and with only moderate impact on viability. The comprehensive way in which Nucleofector™ Programs and cell type-specific solutions are developed enables nucleic acid substrates delivery not only to the cytoplasm, but also through the nuclear membrane and into the nucleus. This allows for high efficiencies up to 99% and makes the transfection success independent from any cell proliferation.

The Nucleofector™ Technology Relies on a Unique Combination of:

  • A Nucleofector™ Device: Delivering optimized electroporation parameters pre-programmed for each optimized cell type
  • Nucleofector™ Kits for primary cells or cell lines: Containing a specific Nucleofector™ Solution that provides a protective environment that allows for high transfection efficiency and cell viability, while helping to maintain physiologically relevant cellular functions
  • Cell-specific Optimized Protocols: Providing optimal Nucleofection™ Conditions and comprehensive guidance, including tips for cell sourcing, passage, growth conditions and media, and post-transfection culture

Benefits over Standard Electroporation at a Glance

  • Electroporation parameters are optimized to gain high transfection efficiency and retain highest viability
  • Excellent preservation of the physiological status of transfected cells
  • More than 650 cell-type specific protocols for direct transfection success with a multitude of different cell types
  • Highly-skilled scientific support team to assist you in your research
  • Invention of Nucleofection of cells in adherence

....and more benefits.

Electroporation has been improved. Find out how by learning more about Lonza’s Nucleofector™ Technology and take the direct path to better, faster results!

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