Cells on Demand Transfection Services

Cells on Demand™ Transfection Services


fluoresecence microscopy of HCAEC post Nucleofectino™


Achieve high transfection efficiencies and viabilities in almost every cell type. Our R&D facility in Cologne, Germany, invented Nucleofection™, the non-viral transfection technology that is now employed by leading labs worldwide. Combining Nucleofection™ and thorough processes, Lonza's transfection expertise helps meet your milestones and research objectives.


Proven Expertise and a Diverse Offering

  • Validated stable clones - Meet your deadlines faster
  • Transiently transfected cell lines and primary cells - Achieve high transfection efficiency
  • Optimized Nucleofection™ protocols - Let us do the optimization for your cell type of interest
  • Assay ready cells cryopreserved in multi-well plates - Speed up your assay development


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