Normal human prostate epithelial cells seen under light microscopy


Review: Primary Cell Culturs as models of   prostate cancer development

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Prostate cells provide a glandular function in the body by generating fluid which serves several functions in reproduction. The prostate is a major accessory organ of the male mammalian reproductive system whose structure and functional activities are controlled by androgens. Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting older men and a significant cause of death for elderly men. The prostate epithelial cell culture provides unique opportunities to study many important features of the prostate.


Clonetics™ Human Prostate Cells are available from epithelial, smooth muscle, and stromal tissue.  Each cell type has an optimized growth media for best results in culture.  

Clonetics™ PrEGM™ Prostate Epithelial Cell Growth Medium has been specially formulated for the maintenance and expansion of human prostate epithelial cells.    

Clonetics™ SmGM™-2 Smooth Muscle Growth Medium-2 was developed for the maintenance and expansion of human smooth muscle cells.

Clonetics™ SCGM™ Stromal Cell Growth Medium was developed to support the maintenance and expansion of prostate stromal cells. 



  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
  • Prostitis Prostate cancer
  • Procreation research
  • Drug discovery
  • Male prostate physiology