Normal human astrocytes stained for gfap and counterstained with dapi
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 Clonetics™ Normal Human Astrocytes (NHA)  can be used to study the function of the central nervous system and how neural cells interact.  Astrocytes are glial cells found in the brain and spinal cord that play a critical role in maintenance, support, and repair of nervous tissue.


  • Astrocyte-mediated neurotoxicity
  • Neurogenesis research
  • Injury Drug development 
  • Parkinson's disease 
  • Alzheimer's disease  


Lonza also offers rat and mouse astrocytes  that can be utilized for comparative studies with human models.

Clonetics™ AGM™ Primary Astrocyte Growth Media can be used to culture human and animal astrocytes in serum-free environment, in BulletKit™ format. This media has been tested and guaranteed to perform with all Clonetics™ Primary Astrocytes.