Human skeletal muscle myoblasts stained for desmin and counterstained for dapi


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Lonza offers a comprehensive collection of primary cells and media products supporting many research areas. Our brand is well-recognized for its outstanding scientific support team and its dedication to consistent, high-performing products for more than 30 years. Read our product news to find out how human primary cells were pioneered.


Why Use Primary Cells?

It is widely understood that primary cells are the most biologically and physiologically relevant in vitro tool. While most researchers are familiar with the significance of high-quality human primary cells, they are limited to using cell lines or isolating human primary cells in-house for experimentation. Cell lines may not be the optimal tool for biologically relevant data because cell lines may contain undefined set of mutations and chromosomal abnormalities that arise from multiple replications. Labs that have stepped into primary cell culture by isolating them in-house face obstacles of comparing data with individual groups or over a long-term study due to the variability among the reagents and the procedures used to isolate cells.


Lonza’s Cryopreserved Human Primary Cells Are:

  • Flexible – Removes time-dependencies with tissue procurement and isolations. Ready-to-use cells.
  • Ideal for Scale Up – Cells are produced as large batches. Same batch can be stored, archived and utilized as needed for long-term studies
  • Authenticated – Thorough quality control testing completed to assure cell identity
  • Performance guaranteed when used with recommended media, reagents and protocols
  • All tissue utilized for our human cell products is ethically obtained with documented, legal permission for research use. Upon request, detailed donor information including medical history can be provided both for normal and diseased cells. Contact Scientific Support for further details.



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Poster showing the human body and the diseased human primary cells offered by Lonza
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Recommended Media to Support Primary Cells

Our BulletKit™ Media Kits have been specially designed to support the growth of Lonza's primary cells. Each BulletKit™ Medium is comprised of basal medium and a SingleQuot™ Kit with necessary growth factors and supplements to support proliferation of cells.


Donor Criteria

Donor characteristics such as age, sex, and race are available for each lot. Upon request, additional donor information can be provided. For diseased cells donor information regarding medical history and medications is also available.


 Mammary epithelial growth media including mebm basal medium and megm singlequot kit

MEGM™ BulletKit™ Growth Medium consisting of basal medium and supplements to support growth of mammary epithelial cells

For any questions please contact Scientific Support.



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