Rat hypothalamus neurons at day 14.

Lonza offers neural cells from various parts of adult and embryonic rat’s brain including hippocampus, cerebral cortex, hypothalamus, DRG and others. These neural cells can be used in a variety of applications including neuroendocrine-related diseases and disorders,  gene expression studies, neurotoxicity, drug screening and metabolic pathway studies.

Clonetics™ PNGM™ Primary Neuron Growth Medium Kit (PNGM™) was specifically developed for culturing embryonic rat and mouse neurons. This serum-free medium allows for long-term maintenance and growth of neuronal cells, and maintains pure populations of neuronal cells without the need of an astrocyte feeder layer. Culture adult primary neurons and cerebellar granule cells in PNGM™-A BulletKit™ Media

Clonetics™ AGM™ Primary Astrocyte Growth Media can be used to culture human and animal astrocytes in serum-free environment, in BulletKit™ format. This media has been tested and guaranteed to perform with all Clonetics™ Primary Astrocytes.