Rat hypothalamus neurons at day 14, stained against Tuj-1 and pgp


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Why Use Cryopreserved Animal Primary Cells?

Clonetics™ Animal Primary Cells are isolated directly from animal tissue. The primary neuronal cell culture allow to replicate the in vivo environment more closely than cell lines. Lonza offers a broad collection of cryopreserved primary rat and mouse neuronal cells. Some cell types, for example neural cells, are hard to obtain. Using our primary neuronal cells acquired from mouse and rat brains, however, avoids the prohibitive burden and restrictions regarding animal availability and dissection. A typical challenge with isolating neural cells is to ensure cells have been acquired from specific regions of the brain. Lonza does extensive quality control tests to ensure the neural cells acquired are tissue-specific for the regions of brains specified. 


Benefits of Using Cryopreserved Animal Primary Cells

  • More relevant results – Animal primary cells are isolated directly from normal animal tissue, hence they are a more biologically relevant cell model than cell lines.
  • Less time and effort – No more tissue dissection and animal handling needed. Just thaw and initiate your experiments.
  • Flexibility – Buy cells and archive them for long-term studies. No more dependencies on animal availability or fresh isolations.
  • Excellent data reproducibility – These cells are produced as large batches with extensive QC testing. Lonza’s cryopreserved animal primary cells generally provide higher data reproducibility than self-prepared cells.
  • Authenticated – Cells have been tested to show comparable results to fresh cells. Thorough characteristic morphology and staining tests are completed to confirm cells are specific to the tissue origin and cell type.
  • High quality – Lonza’s standardized production procedures follow strict guidelines and meet high quality control requirements.



Clonetics™ Animal Primary Cells are performance tested and test negative for mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast and fungi. A Certificate of Analysis is available for each cell type and lot