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Building Bridges from Research to Therapy

Lonza has established a new strategic vision and built a team of experts to focus on the regenerative medicine industry by supporting stem cell researchers.

Researchers can now access this expertise through both off-the-shelf catalog items such as iPSC culture medium and reprogramming kits as well as through our PSC services ranging from iPSC generation to process development and differentitation. Explore the L7™ hPSC Culture System and L7™ PBMC Reprogramming Bundles as well as the breadth of Lonza's PSC services.

Simplify reprogramming and culture of pluripotent stem cells using the L7™ system.

The L7™ System is a robust xeno-free platform for the generation, maintenance, expansion, and cryopreservation of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). The system is comprised of 7 components which support the reprogramming and iPSC culture workflow.

L7™ System: 1 Workflow. 7 Components.

L7™ System - Supporting the human induced pluripotent stem cell workflow





L7™ PBMC Reprogramming Bundle: Using the 4D-Nucleofector™ System, Lonza’s Pluripotent Stem Cell Innovation Team has developed reagents and optimized protocols for reprogramming human somatic cells. Currently, we offer a bundle to reprogram peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) using episomal vectors.




L7™ hPSC Culture SystemFor maintenance and expansion of human ESCs and iPSCs, Lonza developed a robust culture system that supports every other day feeding of hPSCs. This xeno-free and fully defined system includes, a medium, matrix, passaging solution, and cryosolution.


Benefit from  

  • A culture system allowing for every other day feeding and supporting long term culture and maintenance of human PSCs  
  • A simple reprogramming protocol for reliable iPSC generation from peripheral blood mononuclear cells 
  • Robust performance, reduced workflow, and increased flexibility  
  • Efficient differentiation into all three germ layers 
  • Xeno-free, and fully defined for easy translation to clinical applications



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Simplify your iPSC workflow with Lonza's L7™ hPSC Culture System and Reprogramming Bundles!