The 4D-Nucleofector™ System was developed to offer advanced performance, flexibility and convenience. The system is controlled by intuitive software on a touch screen user interface. Its modular architecture allows seamless expansion of the system for new applications. It comprises a core unit and different functional units:


The Core Unit - Controlling the 4D-Nucleofector™ System


  • 5.7’’ foldable touch screen to operate the system and controlling the functional units
  • Intuitive operation software for designing and saving individual experimental setups
  • USB port for software update and data transfer

The X unit – Supporting Nucleofection™ of various cell numbers in different formats


  • Features positions for 20µl Nucleocuvette™ strips and 100 μl single Nucleocuvette™
  • Seamless transfer of conditions between different Nucleofection™ vessels
  • Comprises HV connectivity for the 96-well Shuttle™ Device  

The Y unit – Enabling adherent Nucleofection™ in 24-well culture plates



NEW! The LV Unit - For large-scale transfection


  • Closed system for sterile Nucleofection of up to 109 cells
  • Conditions established in small scale can be transferred to large scale
  • Simple handling


Ordering Information


Part Code   Description 
AAF-1002B       4D-Nucleofector™ Core Unit
AAF-1002X   4D-Nucleofector™ X Unit*
AAF-1002Y   4D-Nucleofector™ Y Unit*
AAF-1002L    4D-Nucleofector™ LV Unit*

*Requires the Core Unit to build complete system.


Technical Specifications 

Dimensions (w x d x h) 45 x 28 x 10.5 cm (17.7 x 11.0 x 4.1 in) 
System comprising Core Unit and one Unit assembled side-by-side
Weight 8.0 kg (17.8 lb) 8.0 kg 
System comprising Core Unit and one Unit
Power Supply 100 – 110 VAC or 230 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz, self-regulating
Power Consumption 140 VA
Protection IP 20