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Easy Set-up of the  CytoSMART™ System

Setting up a CytoSMART™ Live Recording requires minimal training and you'll be up and running in minutes.

CytoSMART System set up in incubator  

Install the CytoSMART™ Device with your cell culture flask or plate in the incubator. Connect the device to the outside tablet and to a power socket. Turn on the CytoSMART™ Device by switching on the tablet.

Tablet showing the CytoSMART App to start video  

To begin a recording of your cell culture, press the Start Button on the tablet. A CytoSMART™ Project will start once the project details have been entered, i.e. your email address, experiment name, recording interval and automatic confluency alerts. You will immediately receive an e-mail with the access link to view your data on the CytoSMART™ Connect Cloud via computer, tablet or smart phone).

Screenshot of CytoSMART Project Page  

On the CytoSMART™ Connect Project Page you can now monitor your cell culture remotely and in approximately real-time with your computer or smart phone etc. In addition, the cell confluency and the temperature within the incubator are reported. 
  As soon as you have stopped the recording all data can be downloaded from the CytoSMART™ Connect Project Page, such as images (.jpg files), time-lapse video (.avi files) or temperature and confluency (.csv files for further processing in Excel).


See the CytoSMART™ System in action


Become a Lonza CytoSMART™ Lab

Interested to experience the CytoSMART™ System yourself? Apply now to participate in our CytoSMART™ Lab campaign. Receive a CytoSMART™ System for free testing and share your research project with your peers.  


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