Section: Cloud Subscription Fees and Billing Methods: Automatic Renewal


Cytosmart Cloud License Termination

1. Cloud 
Subscription Fee. Lonza will charge you with an annual Cloud subscription fee in order to provide the Cloud.  You acknowledge that Lonza reserves the right, at any time, to modify its Cloud subscription fee and billing methods.  Your purchase of the CytoSMART™ System will provide you with a free two (2) year Cloud subscription which shall start upon your initial activation of the Cloud. 


2. Automatic Renewal. On the expiration date of your initial two (2) year Cloud subscription,  Lonza will automatically renew your subscription for one year at the current Cloud subscription fee. An invoice will be sent to you by Lonza for payment of the Cloud subscription Fee. All Cloud subscriptions will be automatically renewed upon the terms set forth HEREIN, unless such Cloud subscription is cancelled or terminated as provided for in section 3.  Cloud subscription fees and features may change over time. Your renewal plan will be the one we choose as being closest to your current Cloud subscription.


3. Cancellation/Termination. The Cloud subscription must be terminated three (3) months prior to the automatic renewal by completing and submitting the web form provided


Please open the web form to terminate the CytoSMART™ Connect Cloud Service by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ button.