GelCap, a cost-effective, portable and versatile Smartphone-based Gel Doc System

GelCap, a cost-effective, portable and versatile Smartphone-based Gel Doc System

ChemLux Imager 600RGBW

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ChemLux Imager 600RGBW este disponibil pentru cumpărare numai în trepte de 1

With 5 light sources (UV, Red, Green, Blue and White light)

For Chemiluminescent/Fluorescent/Colorimetric Gel/Blot Imaging




• High Resolution and High Sensitivity of 6 M Cooled (-50oC ambient) CCD Camera
• 16-bit, High Dynamic Range, up to 6 X 6 Bin Mode
• Four-level Movable Platform with Auto Focus Feature
• Adjustable RGB light intensity to get optimized image
• Cooling status indication on UI
• Auto back up to prevent important data loss
• Remote operation via LAN/WLAN login



The ChemLux Imager is a powerful, easy-to-use, full-featured standalone imaging system for fluorescent/luminescent/colorimetric signal acquisition from gels or blots via our advanced lighting/imaging technology and proprietary integrated software.

Equipped with a 6 M cooled CCD camera (-50°C ambient) along with an absolute sealed darkroom, the system is able to capture the chemiluminescence signal from Western blot ECL images for up to 90 min.

The system also houses various light source settings to allow imaging of proteomic 2D DIGE and to capture fluorescent signals excited by different light sources such as UV, red, green, blue and white light.

ChemLux’s unique UI design allows the user to intuitively obtain the image data without any difficulty.

The ChemLux Imager is an advanced gel documentation system designed to fully meet all your gel/blot imaging needs.


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Cod Produs ChemLux600_RGBW
Producator Pacific Image Electronics
Link Pagina Producator
Temperatură de Stocare °C Room Temperature
Produs Fabricat În Taiwan