Microbial Standards

Microbial Standards Overview


Microbial composition profiling techniques powered by Next-Generation sequencing (NGS) are becoming routine in microbiomics and metagenomics studies. However, these analytical techniques can suffer from significant bias and errors caused by the use of different, DNA isolation technologies, library preparation procedures, and bioinformatics methods. The ZymoBIOMICS Microbial Community Standards were designed to assess bias and errors in NGS-based microbial composition profiling workflows. The Standards mimic a mixed microbial community of well-defined composition and serve as defined input from the beginning. These standards can be used to guide construction and optimization of entire workflows and act as a control for inter-lab studies.

The Microbial Community Standards contain three easy-to-lyse Gram-negative bacteria, five tough-to-lyse Gram-positive bacteria and two tough-to-lyse yeasts, which includes both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. The microbial standards are accurately characterized, with a wide GC range (15%-85%) and contain negligible impurities (<0.01%). This enables easy exposure of artifacts, errors, and bias in microbiomics or metagenomics workflows.


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