Kituri de cuantificare si PCR

PCR and Quantification Kits Overview


The low-bioburden, ZymoBIOMICS™ PCR PreMix is supplied as a 2X concentrated “master mix", which contains all the reagents needed to perform PCR and other molecular downstream analysis with the addition of probes or fluorescent dyes.  It features a “hot-start” DNA polymerase that has 3’-terminal transferase activity and is validated low-bioburden to ensure non-biased analysis in microbiomics and metagenomic workflows.  Simple and easy to use: just add water, primers, and template DNA to the ZymoBIOMICS™ PCR PreMix, then heat and go!

The Femto™ DNA Quantification Kits can reliably detect and quantify bacterial, fungal, or human DNA with high sensitivity and specificity, respectively. This is essential for downstream applications that require accurate inputs of DNA including metagenomic monitoring of microbial populations in environmental samples. The Femto™ DNA Quantification Kits, can be used to dependably quantify as little as 20 fg of DNA in 1 µl purified from biological liquids, anthropological samples, forensic DNA samples, bacterial/fungal cultures, and more.


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