Izolarea ADN

DNA Isolation Overview


The ZymoBIOMICS™ DNA Mini Kit is designed for purifying DNA, from a wide array of sample inputs (e.g. feces, soil, water, and biofilms), that is immediately ready for microbiome or metagenome analyses.  The ZymoBIOMICS™ innovative lysis system eliminates bias associated with unequal lysis efficiencies of different organisms (e.g. Gram-negative and positive bacteria, fungus, protozoans, spores and algae) making it ideal for microbial community profiling. Unbiased mechanical lysis of tough-to-lyse microbes is achieved by bead beating with the innovative ZymoBIOMICS™ ultra-high density BashingBeads™ and validated using the ZymoBIOMICS™ Microbial Community Standards.  In addition, extracted DNA is inhibitor-free and ultra-pure thanks to Zymo’s proprietary OneStep™ PCR Inhibitor Removal and Zymo-Spin™ technologies. Purified DNA is ideal for all downstream applications including PCR, arrays, 16S rRNA gene sequencing, and shotgun sequencing.


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