Colectara si stabilizarea esantioanelor

Sample Collection & Preservation Overview


Microbial composition shifts and degradation of DNA and RNA in biological samples (post-collection) has posed an obstacle to the accurate study of genetic identification and expression profiling, respectively. During the collection and transportation phase, depending on the quality of the method, microbes can continue to grow and decay. Nucleic acids can also degrade during this phase due to exposure to nucleases, elevated temperatures, pH extremes, and other harsh conditions. These factors can lead to overall misrepresentation of the original community profile, causing downstream bias.

DNA/RNA Shield is an all-in-one reagent for sample collection and worry-free DNA and RNA stabilization at ambient temperatures.  DNA/RNA Shield™ inactivates nucleases and organisms including pathogens. It provides an unbiased molecular snapshot of your sample at the time of collection, thus ensuring accurate microbial community profiling.  DNA/RNA Shield can be purchased in multiple collection device formats including swabs, fecal scoops, bead-beating lysis tubes, and more!  DNA and RNA can then be isolated without the need for reagent removal using the ZymoBIOMICS™ DNA Mini Kits.


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