Quick-RNA™ Whole Blood

Quick-RNA™ Whole Blood


 Purify high-quality total RNA (including small/micro RNAs) from whole and partitioned blood samples.
 Compatible with commonly used anticoagulants (i.e., EDTA, citrate, heparin).
 DNA-free RNA is ready for use in any downstream application. DNase I included.
 Worry-free sample storage at ambient temperatures with provided DNA/RNA Shield™.
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About Quick-RNA™ Whole Blood


The Quick-RNA™ Whole Blood kit utilizes DNA/RNA Shield, a unique preservation and lysis technology, to enable rapid isolation of total RNA from whole or partitioned blood or a cell pellet (after red blood cell lysis). The procedure uses Zymo-Spin™ column technology in which the sample is pre-filtered on the Zymo-Spin™ IIICG Column and then purified and concentrated on the Zymo-Spin™ IC Column. RNA is eluted into ≥ 6 µl of RNase-free water and is ready for any downstream application including RT-PCR, sequencing, etc.


Sample Sources Up to 1 ml mammalian whole-blood (fresh or stored in DNA/RNA Shield™ 2X concentrate), plasma, or serum. Also compatible with pelleted blood cells (PBMCs, WBCs, buffy coat, pelleted samples from PAXgene™ Blood RNA Tube, etc.) and nucleated blood.
RNA Purity A260/A280 >1.8, A260/A230 >1.8. DNase I provided for complete removal of DNA.
RNA Recovery RNA yields are species and sample/donor dependent and averages can range from 2-10 µg (1 ml human blood).
RNA Storage RNA eluted with ≥6 µl RNase-free water can be stored at ≤-70 ºC.
Equipment Needed Microcentrifuge and vortex.
RNA Size RNAs ≥17 nucleotides.
Sample Preservation DNA/RNA Shield™ effectively lyses cells, inactivates nucleases and infectious agents and is ideal for safe sample storage and transport at ambient temperatures.



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