Diagram of Reliant and Latitute gels with dimensions

We offer a complete family of precast agarose gels for DNA and RNA electrophoresis. Our unique gel options cover the full range of separations needs, from ultra-fast PCR analysis and recovery, to fine resolution and high-throughput separations. Our custom manufacturing capabilities can support the requirements of nearly any application.

Lonza Reliant™ Minigels and  Latitude™ Midigels and HT Gels are precision manufactured with our high quality SeaKem® and NuSieve™ Agarose and functionally tested for consistent performance. Reliant™ Minigels (9.5 x 6 cm) are offered in 8-well, 12-well and 2 x 12-well (24-well) portrait format and 20-well landscape format. Latitude™ Midigels (15 x 10 cm) are offered in 20-well and 2 x 20-well (40-well) portrait formats. Latitude™ HT Precast Agarose Gels are large format (24 cm x 14 cm) agarose gels designed for high-throughput screening applications. They are offered in 2 x 50 (100-well), 4 x 25 (100-well) and 4 x 50 (200-well) landscape formats.

PAGEr™ Gold Precast Gels in TBE buffer are polyacrylamide minigels for vertical nucleic acid electrophoresis. These convenient gels offer an easy, accurate way to separate nucleic acids up to 2,000 bp. PAGEr™ Gold Gels are available in a variety of concentrations and well configurations. Two cassette sizes are designed to fit most vertical electrophoresis chambers.