Agarose selection chart by application and characteristics.

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Agarose for Nucleic Acid Applications

Agarose is a key ingredient in your research. Selecting the best agarose for your application can minimize opportunity for error, optimize results, and even reduce cost. We offer a wide range of agarose types that are specifically engineered to optimize results by fragment size, sample type and application. The selection tool above will get you started.

Lonza’s SeaKem® LE was the first and is still the world’s most trusted agarose for nucleic acid electrophoresis.  Lonza has the widest selection of specialty agarose for DNA and RNA electrophoresis available.  Lonza also offers precast agarose gels in a variety of configurations and agarose types to meet your needs. If you require additional support, visit our online sourcebook for electrophoresis and agarose.