E2006-2-6,   Bacterial DNA Standard 6

E2006-2-6, Bacterial DNA Standard 6

E2006-2-8,   No Template Control

E2006-2-8, No Template Control

E2006-2-7, Bacterial DNA Standard 7

Quantify as little 20 femtograms of bacterial DNA in as little as 1 µl of sample.High specificity and sensitivity for bacterial DNA in a background of non-target DNA.Fast and simple: add samples to the PreMix... and quantify.

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The Femto™ Bacterial DNA Quantification Kit can detect and quantify bacterial DNA with high specificity and sensitivity.  Bacterial DNA can be reliably quantified in a background of non-bacterial DNA such as fungal, animal, plant DNA, etc. This is essential for downstream applications that require accurate DNA input amounts such as quantifying bacteria DNA template for Next-generation sequencing library preparation and metagenomic analysis.  With the Femto™ Bacterial DNA Quantification Kit, dependably quantify as little as 20 fg of bacterial DNA from 1 µl of purified biological liquids, bacterial cultures, or environmental DNA samples.