Accesorii Vortex Economic

Simple and smart!

An economical vortex for quick and convenient mixing of small sample volumes. Supplied with a universal cup for tubes or vessels up to 30 mm, the vortex also has a range of accessories to allow the mixing of various tube sizes as well as skirted plates. The variable speed provides the gentle mixing of samples up to higher speeds for vigorous mixing and resuspending cells or pellets. Anti-slip feet ensures stability on the bench during mixing.

  • Variable speed control
  • Two operating modes: continuous and touch
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Small footprint
  • Two-year warranty


Cat. No.   Description Pack Size  
N2400-6010       Vortex, EU plug 1  
N2400-6110   Vortex, UK plug 1  
N2400-6011   Replacement Universal Cup for Tubes up to 30 mm diam. 1  
N2400-6012   Tube Adapter for 15 x 1.5/2.0ml Microcentrifuge Tubes up to 10mm diam.* 1  
N2400-6013   Tube Adapter for 8 x 15ml Centrifuge Tubes up to 16mm diam.* 1  
N2400-6014   Adapter for 96-Well Microtitre Plates (Skirted) 1  
N2400-6015   Vortex Adapter Plate for use with N2400-6012 & N2400-6013 1  
*N2400-6012 & N2400-6013 can only be used as an attachment on the Vortex in combination with N2400-6015. 
(N2400-6012 & N2400-6013 can also be used with STARLAB'S Microplate Mixer (N2400-8040)in combination with its adapter N2400-8043.)
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