Sistem de aspirare a lichidelor pentru Biologie Celulara

Comfortable and safe aspirations of fluids

The new STARLAB Aspirator is designed for safe and comfortable aspiration of fluids. The vacuum level and suction power is adjustable in eight steps, ranging from 150 to 850 mbar for safe and reproducible working. The chemically-resistant pump automatically switches on/off to reduce noise level in the workplace. The ergonomically-designed hand controller is fully autoclavable. Collection containers are available in two options; 4 L polypropylene and 2 L glass bottles. Additionally, the Aspirator can be used as a mobile vacuum source for sterile filtration and solid phase extraction.

Product features

  • Chemically-resistant, high performance pump with long service life
  • Intuitive, reproducible adjustment of suction power via touchpad
  • Ergonomic, fully autoclavable hand controller with flow through suction tube for quick yet safe action
  • Auto ON-OFF pump switch with low noise emission for a quieter working enviroment
  • Hydrophobic filter prevents contamination of environment and provides overfill protection
  • Special inlet pipe reduces build-up of foam and aerosols in the collection bottle
  • Collection bottles made from polypropylene or coated glass can be autoclaved with filters attached for safe handling
  • Optional self-sealing quick couplings facilliate safe and fast exchange of collection bottles containing biological risk material
  • Compact housing and carrying handle provides space-saving line-up and flexible, mobile working
  • An additional hand controller can be easily attached to double productivity



Cat. No.   Description   Pack Size  
N2400-9000   Aspirator, including 4L PP Bottle and Hand Controller*   1  
N2400-9001   Hand Controller for Aspirator**   1  
N2400-9002   Single-Channel Adapter with Ejector for Pipette Tips for Hand Controller   1  
N2400-9003   8-Channel Adapter for Pipette Tips for Hand Controller***   1  
N2400-9004   Stand for Hand Controller   1  
N2400-9005   Tubing for Hand Controller, 2.5 m   1  
N2400-9006   Connection Kit with Inlet Pipe for Additional Hand Controller   1  
N2400-9007   Protection Filter with Connective Tubing   1  
N2400-9008   Quick Coupling (Hand Controller to Bottle) with Inlet Pipe   1  
N2400-9009   Quick Coupling (Bottle to Pump)   1  
N2400-9010   4L PP Bottle with Protection Filter and Inlet Pipe   1  
N2400-9011   4L PP Bottle with Screw Cap   1  
N2400-9012   2L Glass Bottle with Protection Filter and Inlet Pipe   1  
N2400-9013   Adapter for 2L Glass Bottle   1  
N2400-9014   Mobile Underframe   1  
N2400-9015   Tool for Changing Diaphragm   1  

* 1-year warranty
** Includes Adaptor for pipettes, adaptor for pipette tips, wall mount for hand controller and 2.5 m tubing.
*** Includes Stand

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