Bio Zyme makes sure your new lab is set-up, stocked, and optimized for productivity when you arrive. You’ll also save on furniture, equipment, instruments, chemicals, life science products, and supplies.


The Bio Zyme Lab Set-Up Program begins with dedicated support from your Sales Representative, who understands how to support your unique research goals with a fully outfitted lab. Working with a team of specialists our sales representatives ensure the right decisions are made for your new lab and your budget. Our program includes:


Laboratory Design
Bio Zyme engages you in a careful design process that considers both present and future needs. Our unique team approach optimizes the knowledge and expertise of Sales Representatives, Furniture Specialists, and Design Specialists. From day one, Bio Zyme helps you select the right products to design a safe, practical, durable lab that will encourage scientific innovation.


Lab Set-Up Services
We offer a spectrum of intuitive services to help you make a smooth transition and optimize productivity in your new lab. Some of these services include:

  • Complete project planning, logistics, and relocation services
  • Procurement and Supply Management
  • Laboratory Support
  • Scientific Support
  • Equipment and Instrument Services


Product Choice
Science should never be limited by a lack of options. Bio Zyme is committed to offering broad product choice to a world of accelerating scientific advancement. We give you direct access to the world’s most respected equipment, supplies, chemicals, furniture, and more featuring high quality, superior performance, and competitive pricing.


Your new lab represents a new start. We can help you realize outstanding savings as you begin your new scientific venture. Connect with your Bio Zyme Sales Representative today to start planning your new lab.